2016 Music Workshops & Masterclasses

The Fretboard Summit is unique in that your ticket entitles you to all of our weekend's talks, exhibits, music performances, parties and workshops. No added fees, no fuss. Feel free to drop-in to any session, anywhere.  

Once again, we've partnered with our friends at Peghead Nation to create a stellar lineup of only-at-the-Summit workshops and master classes. Here are some highlights: 

Arranging for a Duet with Joe K. Walsh and Grant Gordy

Guitarist Grant Gordy and Peghead mandolin instructor Joe K. Walsh frequently play as a duet. In their duo arranging they draw inspiration from classic guitar and mandolin duets, as well as classic jazz duet partners. In this session they'll dissect their approach to finding arrangements that serve the song and complement their styles.

Fingerstyle Jazz with Mark Goldenberg

Learn some of the harmonic concepts and chordal shapes and sounds that define solo jazz guitar played fingerstyle, and learn how to combine them with jazz and pop melodies and improvisation. Taught by one of the most respected touring and recording guitarists around.

Solo Flatpicking Accompaniment with Courtney Hartman

The Della Mae guitarist is one of the hottest young flatpickers around, but she’s also an inventive accompanist, songwriter, and singer. In this workshop, Courtney talks about creating interesting solo accompaniment parts for your songs, as well as how to flesh out simple (and not so simple) melodies with a flatpick.

Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar with Tony McManus

Peghead Nation’s Celtic Guitar instructor shows some of the key concepts and techniques that underlie Celtic guitar music. He’ll explore the differences in rhythm between jigs, reels, and other Irish and Scottish forms; tonality of Celtic music, including which modes are used and why; and picking-hand triplets, trills, grace notes, and other ornamentation that is commonly heard in Irish and Scottish music.

Bluegrass Guitar Soloing 101 with Scott Nygaard

Learn a simple method for playing melody-based solos on bluegrass songs, applicable for most levels of players who have started to pick out melodies on the guitar. Starting with a song’s basic melody, you’ll learn how to flesh it out with lead-in runs, crosspicking, place-holder licks and strums, melodic variations, improvised lines, and more.

Learning the Fingerboard with Mark Goldenberg

Peghead Nation’s Guitar Chord Theory instructor Mark Goldenberg was a student of the legendary guitarist and teacher Ted Greene. In this workshop he shares Ted’s concept of the fingerboard as it relates to chord voicings, scales, and positions on the guitar neck.

Alternate Tunings in Celtic Music with Tony McManus

Celtic guitarists use a variety of alternate tunings, from simple dropped-D tuning to more obscure tunings like DAAEAE, a tuning Tony McManus uses to emulate the bagpipes. Tony demonstrates some of his favorite tunings and talks about why he chooses one over another for creating different sounds in Irish and Scottish music.

Hot Jazz Guitar with Matt Munisteri

Matt Munisteri’s early jazz style is rooted in the guitar styles of 1920s and ’30s jazz plectrum guitarists Eddie Lang, Nick Lucas, George Van Eps, and others. In this workshop, he shows you how features of their chord-melody voicings, rhythm playing, single-line phrasing, and pick techniques can be applied to any style of acoustic guitar playing.